Khóa học Supply Chain miễn phí từ MIT – Free Online Supply Chain Courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gain expertise in the growing field of Supply Chain Management through an innovative online program consisting of five courses and a final capstone exam. The MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain from MITx is an advanced, professional, graduate-level foundation in Supply Chain Management. It represents the equivalent of 1 semester’s worth of coursework at MIT.

The MicroMasters Credential will showcase your understanding of supply chain analytics, design, technology, dynamics and end-to-end supply chain management. Build on the credential and take advantage of a great opportunity to be accepted into the #1 ranked supply chain management Masters Degree program for a fraction of the cost.

học Supply Chain miễn phí

What You’ll Learn:

  • To apply core methodologies (probability, statistics, optimization) used in supply chain modeling and analysis.
  • To understand and use fundamental models to make trade-offs between forecasting, inventory, and transportation.
  • To design supply chain networks as well as financial and information flows.
  • To understand how supply chains act as systems and interact.
  • How technology is used within supply chains; from fundamentals to packaged software systems.
  • End to end supply chain management.

Course details:

1. Supply Chain Analytics – Starts on March 22, 2017
Master and apply the core methodologies used in supply chain analysis and modeling.

2. Supply Chain Design – Starts on April 5, 2017

Learn fundamental concepts for logistics and supply chain management.

3. Supply Chain Dynamics – Starts on June 28, 2017

Learn how to manage and harness the dynamics and interactions between firms and entities within a supply chain.

4. Supply Chain Technology and Systems – Starts on September 20, 2017

Learn how technology is used in supply chain systems from fundamental concepts to innovative applications.

5. Supply Chain Fundamentals – Starts on June 14, 2017

Learn fundamental concepts for logistics and supply chain management from both analytical and practical perspectives.
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Khóa học Supply Chain miễn phí từ MIT
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