[HN] C-Discount Tuyển Dụng Junior Buyer 2016

[HN] C-Discount Tuyển Dụng Junior Buyer 2016

Cdiscount.vn là một công ty liên doanh của BigC – công ty bán lẻ đứng thứ hai tại Việt Nam và Cdiscount.com – một công ty thương mại điện tử của Pháp. Cdiscount.vn được thành lập năm 2014, hoạt động chủ yếu tại thị trường thương mại điện tử Việt Nam, với tham vọng cung cấp cho khách hàng một trải nghiệm mua sắm trực tuyến an toàn và thuận tiện cùng các mặt hàng đa dạng, từ điện tử- gia dụng, đến phụ kiện thời trang.

[HN] C-Discount Tuyển Dụng Junior Buyer 2016


– An junior buyer for LIFESTYLE category will be responsible for planning, launching, expending and managing his/her category on the website in order to achieve the sales and gross margin targets set by the Group

– He / She will have to develop and maintain effective working relationships with members of cross-functional teams (design, marketing, content, data team) and the rest of the Buying team to insure everyone works in the most efficient way

– Going forward the junior buyer for LIFESTYLE category will be in charge to set his/her own KPIs and make them happen


Supplier hunting

– Creating new sub branches of the LIFESTYLE category, increasing the existing assortment and negotiating the very best deals by:

  • Contacting his/her existing network
  • Leveraging BigC existing netword
  • Expanding these networks forward

Supplier management

– Garanting and managing the quality of the suppliers on board (product quality, reliability, stock level, etc)

– Maintaining and expanding the supplier relationship over time

Assortement gate keeper

– Offering the largest assortment possible given the cash management constraint of the department

– Ensuring that we will have the latest and hottest products for the Vietnamese market

– Being indirectly responsible for the stock level and the product rotation of the category

Best value to market

– Buyer is entitled to come with deals to the pricing team on a weekly basis

– Buyer has to make sure that we negotiated the best contract terms (margin and payments) possible


Education : Strong academic background

Experience : 1/2+ years experience, with at least one in a similar position

Knowledges : Good understanding of the dynamics and economics of the online market and a strong understanding of current concepts, strategy and best practice


– Intellectual skills: rationality

– Operational skills: Strong foundation of aggregating, analyzing and reporting core performance metrics

– Cognitive skills: Candidate must adapt to his/her new work environment fast and demonstrate great learning and flexibility skills

Attitude: Passionate about purchasing and online businesses, entrepreneurial spirit, self confident, run extra mile, trustful, strong business sense

Language: Vietnamese native and fluent in English

Computers skills : Decent excel skill is required


Send your CV (English) to the email: [email protected] with subject: [CDISCOUNT] Junior Buyer_Full name