[Nokia] Account Logistics Manager

Job description

Country Logistics Manager leads the e2e supply chain operations for SCM Vietnam.

Main Responsibility Area

Responsible for
• Manages supply chain activities and leading supply chain resources to meet customer team’s targets.
• Completeness, accuracy and in-time availability of customer team volume demand plan in the DMT tool.

• Contributes to resource planning and supply chain tasks in daily business, e.g. constraints solving and escalation management.

Evaluates supply chain requirements (Gate 2/LG 200)
• Evaluates case (e.g. capabilities, trade compliance and supply chain cost).
• Ensures early supply chain involvement.
• Creates start-up checklist.
• Consolidates supply chain summary.

Plans supply chain execution
• Selects the most effective and efficient e2e supply chain scenario.
• Identifies and engages case specific supply chain experts.
• Prepares initial supply chain concept.
• Drafts supply chain annex.
• Updates start-up checklist.
• Consolidates supply chain summary for offer negotiations.

Plans hardware demand
• Drives regular collaborative DP meetings with customer and customer team.
• Collects and analyzes information to build complete picture of customer team’s future needs to achieve volume and sales targets (volume/value gap analysis).
• Prepares and conducts monthly customer team demand planning meeting.
• Challenges customer team’s volume demand plan and forecast accuracy.
• Gets the monthly volume demand plan approved by the Customer Team Head.
• Releases final customer team volume demand plan before handover to regional demand planning.
• Ensures continuous update of major short term demand changes in the DMT.

Finalizes supply chain execution plan
• Updates supply chain concept, supply chain annex, volume plan and start-up checklist.
• Consolidates supply chain summary for deal decision.

Establishes supply chain execution
• Checks contract type for implementation.
• Checks and mitigates supply chain risks.
• Implements supply chain structure in conjunction with logistics services procurement.
• Initiates supplier contracts (e. g. LSP).
• Triggers master data for logistics services.
• Assigns supply chain resources.
• Ensures availability of import/export licenses and certificates.
• Clarifies lead times.
• Prepares and participates in project target agreement (PTA).
• Consolidates supply chain case documentation.

Prepares for order (Gath
• Checks logistics scenario.
• Prepares supply chain kickoff.
• Hands over to ALC.

Position Description

Country Logistics Manager leads the e2e supply chain operations for SCM Vietnam.

Position Requirements

Fluent English skills
Experienced Logistics professional
Knowledge of the local requirements

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