Danh mục các phí handling charge

Danh mục tên đầy đủ và viết tắt tiếng Anh của các loại phí handling charge như sau:

phí handling charge

Mã hiệu Tên đầy đủ
A.P. Additional Premium
A.V.R. Ad Valorem Rate
ACC Alameda Corridor Charge
ACI Advance Commercial Information Charge
ADM.C Administration Charge
ADMSED Administration Fee
AGC Aden Gulf Surcharge
ARBI/D Outport Arbitrary At Port Of Discharging
ARBI/L Outport Arbitrary At Port Of Loading
ARBIT Arbitrary, outport arbitrary
BAC Bunker Charge
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
BC CTS Bc Carbon Tax Surcharge
BLSF B/L Surrender Fee
BSCS Bosphorus Strait Container Surcharge
BSFS Baltic Sea Fuel Surcharge
BUACS Bulk Agriculture Commodity Surcharge
C.A.S. CA surcharge (carrier supply artificial atmosphere)
C.C.C. Container Cleaning Charge
C.R.C. Container (or equipment) Reposition Charge
C.S./D Congestion Surcharge at Port Of Discharging
C.S./L Congestion Surcharge at Port Of Loading
C.S.C. Container Service Charge
C.T.S. Cold Treatment Service (fruit fly infectiation)
C.Y.C. Container Yard Charge
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CAF/D Currency Adjustment Factor At Port Of Discharging
CAF/L Currency Adjustment Factor At Port Of Loading
CAMAF Amendment Fee For Advance Cargo Information Charge
CAPTZA Capatazia Charge in Brazil (local thc)
CBR Critical Bunker Recovery
CCFRA Advance Cargo And Conveyance Reporting Fee
CESS Shipping Association Charge At Jamaica
CFAC Chittagong Feeder Additional Charge
COD Change of Destination
CSC Administrative Charge
CSI Container Security Charge
CSS Container Seals Charges
CUS.C Customs Clearance
CUST Custom Charges
D.O.F. Discount Ocean Freight
D/F Documentation Fee
D/F.D Documentation Fee at Port of Discharge
D/F.L Documentation Fee at Port of Loading
DCF Detention Contribution Fee (israel only)
DETN Container Detention
DG.ADD Dangerous Cargo Additional Charge
DG.M D.g. Mis-declaration
DGRAIL Hazardous Cargo Rail Charge
DIH Delivery Inland Haulage
DISB Disbursement Fee
DISB.F Disbursement Collection Fee
DIV.C Diversion Charge
DMRG Demurrage
DPC Drop and Pick Charge
DRC Dry Run Charge
DTSC Destination Terminal Service Charge
E.H.C. Equipment Handling Charge
E.L.L. Empty Lift-on/Lift-off Charge
E.R.S. Equipment Repositioning Surcharge
E.S. Exigency Surcharge
E.W.R. Extra War Risk
EBS Emergency Bunker Surcharge
ECHC Empty Container Handling Charge
EDS Export Declaration Surcharge
EFA Emergency Fuel Additional
EFS Emergency Fuel Surcharge
EIF Equipment Investment Factor
EISC Equipment Imbalance Surcharge
EOC Emergency Operation Charge
EQP.S Equipment Surcharge
ERC Emergency Risk Surcharge
EX-FTY Ex. Factory Charge
EXAMCH Trade Inspection by Third Party
F.A.C. Forwarding Agency Commission
F.C. Forwarding Charge
FADM Forwarding Administration Fee in Europe
FAF Fuel Adjustment Factor
FCL/DC FCL Delivery Charge
FCL/RC FCL Receiving Charge
FIL Free in Charge at POL
FLXI Additional surcharge for flexibag/flexitank packaged in a dry cntr
FMG.C Fumigation Charge
FOODG Foodgrade Surcharge
FRC Fuel Recovery Charge
GENSET Reefer Genset Charge
GOH Garments on Hangers
GOV.C Goverment Charge
H.C. Handling Charge
H.LIFT Heavy Lift Charge
H.W. Haiti Wharfage
H.W.C. Heated Warehouse Charge
HTCHG Haiti Surcharge
HTRFC Haiti Refrigerated Cargo Surcharges
HWCS Heavy Weight Container Surcharge
I.S.C. Intermodal Service Charge
ICD/DC Inland Container Depot/Delivery Charge
ICD/RC Inland Container Depot/Receiving Charge
IFA Interim Fuel Assessment
IFP Interim Fuel Participation Charge
IFS Intermodal Fuel Surcharge or Inland Fuel Charge
INSPEC Customs Inspection Charge
ISC Import Service Charge
ISC/D Intermodal Service Charge at Port of discharge
ISC/L Intermodal Service Charge at Port of Loading
ISFC Importer Security Filing Charge
ISPS International Ship and Port Facility Security Surcharge
ISPS/D Int’l ship/port Facility Security Surcharge at Discharge
ISPS/L Int’l ship/port Facility Security Surcharge at Loading Ports
ISPS/T Isps/t (Australia only)
K.D.C. Keelung Delink Charge
KSC Killed Slots Charge
LAAGW Low Water Surcharge
LCL/DC Lcl Delivery Charge
LCL/RC Lcl Receiving Charge
LIH Loading Ports Inland Haulage
LOLO Lift-on, Lift-off
LOLO.D Lift-on; Lift off at Port of Discharging
LOLO.L Lift-on; Lift-off at Port of Loading
M.BS/L Multiple Bs/L Charge
M.S.C Mesh Screen Charge
MAS Modified Atmosphere Service
MIL.C Military Cargo in Consolidated Container Charge
MLF Manifest Legalization Fee
MTY.RP Empty Container Reposition Charge
MULTI Multistop
MXMAF Mexico Manifest Amendment Fee
MXSCMC Mexico Security Compliance Management Charge
NOX Norwegian Pollution Surcharge
O.D.S. Off-Dock Surcharge
O.F. Ocean Freight
OCPRC Ocp Reposition Charge
OPC Operational Charge
OPTC Optional Charge
ORC Origin Receiving Charge
OWC Over-Weight ChargeP.A.C.
P.C. Port Charge
P.S.C. Port Service Charge
P.U.I. Pick up Incentive
PBS Patagonian Bunker Surcharge
PCC Panama Canal Charge
PCS Paraguyan Cargo Surcharge
PCTF Panama Canal Transit Fee
PNS Panama Canal Surcharge
PORTEO Terminal Handling Fee For Chile
PRI Primage (Turkey)
PSC/L Port Service Charge Origin
PSMC Power Supply Monitoring Charges
PSS Peak Season Surcharge
PTSC Port Terminal Service Charge
R.C.S. Rhine Congestion Surcharge
R/ADM Rail Adm. C
RFC Rail Fuel Charge
RFF Reefer Facilitation FeeRPCT
SAPA South African Port Additional
SC/D Terminal Security Charge FOR Discharge Port
SC/L Terminal Security Charge FOR Loading Port
SCADM Security Compliance Administration Fee
SCIT Shoring Charge in Taiwan
SCMC Security Compliance Management Charge
SHIFTG Shifting Charge
SIDEL Sideloader or Sidelifter
SLOT Slot Charter
SOC Shipper Owned Container
SOSC Special Operation Service Charge
SPA Saudi Port Additional
SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge
STF Suez Transit FeeSTPOF
STRG Storage
STUF.C Stuffing Contribution
T.A.C. Tri-axle Chassis Arrangement
T/A Transport Additiona
T/A.D Transport Additional at Side Port of Discharging
T/A.L Transport Additional at the Side Port of Loading
T/S Transhipment Charge
TCS/D Trucker Congestion Surcharge at Port of Discharging
TCS/L Trucker Congestion Surcharge at port of Loading
TDA Temporary Doha Additional
TEHE Terminal Extra Handling Expenses
THC Terminal Handling Charge
THC/D Terminal Handling Charge at Port of Discharging
THC/L Terminal Handling Charge at Port of Loading
TLX Telx Release Fee
TSC/D Terminal and Service Charge at Port of Discharging
TSC/L Terminal and Service Charge at Port of Loading
TTOC Taiwan Top off Charge
UCS Upgraded Container Surcharges
USCUC Chassis Usage Charge
USIFS U.S. Intermodal Fuel Surcharge
USMAF U.S. Manifest Amendment Fee
VAT Value Added Tax Charges
VCC Veterinary Check Charge
VTS Venezuelan Tax Surcharge
WACHT Waiting Time
WAI Cargo Waiver / Councils Dues
WH Wharfage
WRC War Risk Charge/Insurance Premium
WS Winter Surcharge
YAS Yen Appreciation Surcharge